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Company Profile

Located on the coast of Eastern China,in the beautiful and ancient city of Ningbo, it is a rising star enterprise-Ningbo Demy (D&M) Bearings Co.,LTD.Its subsidiary company-Ningbo Giant Bearing manufacturing Co., Ltd specializes in high class quality bearings for industrial and automotive applications,and long life high temperature bearings for former holders and conveyor roller chain applications, as well as a professional single & double former holder,conveyor roller chain manufacturer in China.

Ningbo Giant Bearing Company has manufacturing space of more than 30,000 square meters,and features the modernization of industry leading bearing, former holders & roller chains production and assembly,advanced testing equipment and production technology. The company has passed the ISO/IATF 16949:2016 quality management system certification,it managed and produced thousands of different bearings and various specifications former holders,roller chains products with satisfied customers around the world.

Giant Bearing Company strives to offer first-class products,while strictly enforcing high quality bearing production standards.We lead the industry in our automatic conveying, processing and inspection levels. From the material storage to the finished product,we have implemented strict, standardized production thresh holds.

Giant Bearing Company strives to offer first-class boutique enterprise and fully implementing modern enterprise management with the pursuit of excellence, the spirit of perseverance. The company strictly implements the production standards of fine bearing and the precision process of manufacturing for former holders & roller chains. Special attention is paid to the dimensional tolerance of the product and the matching of each component, such as Aluminum L-arm casting, processing of stainless steel SUS304 for manufacturing bearing shaft, processing of stainless steel disc and positioning index, vertical processing of chain plate hole, special heat treatment technology for bearing shaft,the verticality process of the whole chain and its inspection. Bearings,Former holders and roller chains are loaded from the materials into the finished products. Each link is strictly implemented in all aspects of tracking management,achieving seamless integration of the strictly standardized production lines.The company pays great attention to customer needs, listens to customers' opinions and suggestions, and satisfies customers' product specifications and quality requirements. The company's R&D center develops and produces a high-temperature resistant AS rubber seal cover according to the customer's production needs, which can meet the temperature use environment of the former holder of more than 180 degrees, and the bearing structure conforms to the complex gas and high corrosion of the former holders in the glove production. The long-term use of the environment, the company's management and technical team is very clear: the service life of the bearing is related to the life of the former holders and roller chains, even the customer's entire glove production line.

We pay close attention to the needs of our customers and ensure we meet their product specifications and quality requirements. BMT as registered trademarks, is widely used in the bearings & former holders, the company has developed and produced OPEN and CLOSED double positioning plate former holders, and has developed and produced a bolt-type locking chain with strong tensile strength and long service life, which has been well received favorable comments by customers.

Giant company, with our high quality products and excellent customer service, has won the trust and support of many customers at home and abroad with a customer base that spans to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa. At present, the company has set up a branch factory in Malaysia - YUYAO ENGINEERING & PARTS SDN BHD, it is a professional repair and service company, it helped customers to change any required accessories of former holders and roller chains, helped customers solve any problem of former holders and roller chains during the processing of customer’s glove manufacturing, do effectively 4S services for all users. 

Mr. Dylan Min, Chairman of the board of Giant Bearing Company, leads the team to continually strive to provide the quality, speed in development and responsive service our customers have come to expect. The company recently hired a senior expert from Peking University to guide development for the long-term growth of our bearings, former holders & roller chain manufacturing company. “Good for first, towards the future”, Giant Bearing company is known throughout the world for its high quality, industry leading bearing production, and we will continue to work to reach new markets.

Company Profile

  • Vision:

    Become a leader in high-end intelligent precision machinery manufacturing!

  • Mission:

    With customer value as the core, refined intelligent manufacturing!

    Taking the happiness of employees as the responsibility, a harmonious and healthy enterprise!

  • Values:

    social development as responsibility

    Enterprise growth is our responsibility

    Create value as the core

  • Business Philosophy:

    Based on virtue, altruistic management

    Sincere cooperation, create a better future

  • Management Philosophy:

    Standardized management and efficient work

    Rigorous system, mechanism of reward and punishment

  • Organizational Philosophy:

    Build a platform for fighters

    Nurturing fertile soil for the successful

    Cheers to the winners

  • Team Philosophy:

    Sincere cooperation, harmonious innovation

    Dare to take responsibility, unite and work hard

  • Execution Philosophy:

    Attitude determines everything, details determine success or failure, actions determine the future

  • Product Concept:

    Oriented to customer needs

    Focus on improving quality

    to satisfy the market

  • Service Philosophy:

    Treat people with sincerity, work with heart, serve warmly, and cooperate with one heart